What My Clients Say...

"Denise Mason did a fine job. I was very pleased with how well organized and informative she was. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to sell a house. Also, how smooth and quick the process was. She is the best! Thank you! "

Bobby P.

"She is awesome and a sweet person to work with who knows everything. Truthful, honest and will definitely fight for you to make sure you are getting your perfect home. She listens to your concerns, addresses everything straight forward, and is very knowledgeable. I couldn't ask for a better REALTOR. She literally found my 'forever' home and I am in love with it!"


"This is our first time buying a home. Denise made everything extremely easy to do. She's helped us find, buy, and sustain our home. Couldn't have prayed for a better REALTOR!"

Stephen and Sarah Tevares

"Denise was tremendous in helping us with planning our sale. She gave us money-saving suggestions on renovations and she made sure everything went well. Her knowledge of the market insured that we got top dollar for our home."

I would wholeheartedly recommend Denise Mason to anyone buying or selling a home in Northern Virginia!"

Daphne Jefferson

"Buying a house can be the happiest, exciting, and most stressful event a person can go through. Not to mention buying a home during COVID-19 pandemic. Having a REALTOR who is professional and is excellent at her job makes all the difference. Denise is just amazing; there is NO REALTOR like her. She understood my family's needs and what we were looking for in a house. Denise had the challenging task of finding a home that would accommodate two families with a long list of 'must haves'. She is good at dealing with strong-minded people. She spent time explaining and answering all our questions.

We felt we were her only clients. She responded to my calls, texts, emails with no delays and still responds to me after closing. I felt she had my family's best interests at heart. I trusted her, knowing that she was guiding me to make the right decision. Denise was very knowledgeable about the area and surrounding communities that we visited. Denise is terrific!"

Lucy A.

"This was my first time selling and Denise Mason was patiently with me every step of the way - even there for steps that I was not/am aware of."

Lisa J.

"I would give 110 out of 100 for Denise Mason! She is patient, professional and prompt. If you are a first time home buyer, you don't even have to think twice. Call Denise Mason!"


"Enthusiasm and extent of knowledge in knowing my particular location was what helped me to decide to work with Denise. In addition, she was organized and followed a clearly defined time table for the sale of my condominium. Good communication played a significant part as well. I enjoyed working with Denise, she was totally professional. As a seller, she helped me to stay engaged in the preparation of putting my condominium on the market (as it relates to costs and/or remodeling). It was great to work with someone who knows her craft. Denise is extremely committed to getting the job done on time. I would definitely recommend Denise to all of my family and friends!"

Joanne Moore

"I had already moved across country and still needed to sell my house. Denise did an excellent job of scheduling the necessary repairs and have the house shown well. The house sold within a couple of days of the 1st showing. I couldn't ask for a smoother process. I will definitely recommend Denise to friends and family and use her if I plan to buy in the DMV in the future."

Jennifer Mann

"Denise Mason was knowledgeable about the market and the area we preferred to live. Denise was familiar with new development neighborhoods and builders. Advice was proven to be very credible. I would recommend Denise Mason because of her attention to detail was paramount and very important to our experience.

Denise Mason was always accessible morning, noon and night during our home buying process. Denise showed patience with answering our questions and concerns. Denise was also great with forecasting the next steps and preparing our family with upcoming requirements."


"Denise was very thorough in making sure she understood us and our needs before getting started. She met all our expectations and more when presenting potential homes. Her knowledge of the local area and experience were key in finding our home. We really appreciate you Denise and will definitely work with you in the future! Thank you!"

Kenyatta & Priscilla Clark

"Had an excellent experience in both selling my old house as well as buying our new one."

John Poirier

"Her enthusiasm and the initial impression of her when chatting showed me the passion she had for the task and making sure I was well informed even when inquiring about homeownership.

As a first time buyer I was clueless about almost everything and being pregnant with twins, I was trying to move fast. I was able to trust her the whole way thru the process and I believe she impressed my husband and my father as well.

Mrs. Denise was personable and professional. She knew many advantages to various aspects as well as has the tools to recommend what was needed through fixing with contractors, inspectors, etc. Honestly it felt like she was doing everything she would do if it were her own purchase.

Couldn't have asked for anything better and beyond pleased with my experience!"

Autumn Jenkins

"Denise was great. She took our difference of opinions and was able to combine them and make them work. She was awesome with the staging of our home and stopped by frequently to make sure progress was being made. Our home sold way faster than we expected and I believe that has a lot to do with Ms. Mason. Ms. Mason is extremely professional and I would highly recommend her! "

Jason Evans

"Denise came highly recommended and we were very pleased with her. She made us feel like we were family and guided us every step of the way. She was incredibly thorough and exceptionally knowledgeable. Denise truly made us feel confident that she had our best interests at heart. She answered any and every question that we had during the entire process, made herself readily available to us, provided excellent suggestions, recommendations, etc. Denise provided EXCELLENT customer service. She actually LISTENED to us, she was exceptionally attentive and has excellent attention to detail. My wife and I (especially being first time home buyers) couldn’t have picked a better realtor!!! Because of her we are now in our BEAUTIFUL forever home and we honestly couldn’t ask for anything more! Denise Mason - is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)!!!!"

Sharlene & Eduardo Guzman

"We would definitely use Denise on any other purchase or sale that we decide to do in the future."

Roger Ray, Sr.

"We had a great experience with Denise Mason. We found Ms. Mason while randomly attending open houses. She was very polite, hardworking, and knowledgeable about the real estate market. She was extremely patient when working with us and showing us properties. She helped us throughout the entire process and still gives good advise/recommendations on industry related things today. She is always focused on taking care of our needs and making the process as simple as possible."

Jwanza & Dana

"Great broker. Did what was best for us. She made suggestions on what would sell the house and they were perfect. I would recommend her to anyone, without hesitation."

Gary Davis

"Extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Always respectful, provided timely communications, accessible anytime, very friendly and committed to giving great customer service. The Ultimate Professional."

Ron Burton

"I could not have gotten a better realtor than Denise. She was always available to answer my questions or to calm me down when I was stressed. I would recommend her 1000 percent! Denise is the REALTOR that goes above and beyond what you would expect. She is absolutely the best."

Janet Kelly

"The process seemed to go smoothly and Denise Mason was instrumental in making this happen. Her plan to do virtual staging was both economical and impressive. She made sure the comparisons highlighted the advantages of our home."

Pat Hill

"Denise was great from the start to finished. She is very knowledgeable. She get an A+++++ from us."

Hai To

"Denise far exceeded my expectations. Her work ethic, knowledge of the area, timeliness, and professionalism was greatly appreciated. I set a very ambition time schedule that I wanted to close on the home. Denise was able to guide me through this entire process very smoothly which allowed me to close at my desired date. This was my first home purchase and I am very thankful for her services and allowing me to move into a really great home. Thank you!"

Oren Davis

"Denise Mason is an outstanding REALTOR. Before I signed on with Denise to represent me in the selling of my home she showed and explained to me how the process works. Denise told me everything she would do to get my home sold at the highest price possible. Denise was diligent about pointing out those things I could do to increase the value of my home. Denise contacted contractors on my behalf to repair or upgrade those things that I was not able to do. Denise helped to bring appeal and added value to my home by all of her suggestions. My home was not on the market very long due to Denise and her hard work. Denise did all and more that she said she would do, from listing to closing. I highly recommend anyone looking to sell, buy or if you just need a real estate professional, Denise Mason is the one to contact."

Karl Greene

"We were in a time crunch and Denise was amazing. She was able to line up a list of homes for us and made the experience effortless. Her knowledge of the area and market were invaluable to us. She took the time to listen to our needs and we found our perfect home. We would definitely go back to Denise and look to her expertise should we find ourselves wanting to relocate again."

Sarah Gordon

"Denise Mason is the person who sets the standard of Excellence!! She is so kind and such a hard worker, also very active with communication. If you are looking to build a team, make sure Denise Mason is on it!"

John Huckleberry

"I highly recommend Denise Mason. In addition to being very professional at all times, she was friendly and easy to talk with. I was confident she would be the same with potential buyers and their agents. Also, she made sensible and cost effective recommendations for increasing the chance for a quick sale. I believe her staging of the house was a key factor in our sale.

There were several items we agreed to repair from the home inspection. Denise was extremely helpful in all this work and greatly appreciated since we were out of state sellers. She was persistent, working long hours, energetic and organized.

A complete real estate professional, knowledgeable and friendly, I highly recommend Denise to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home."

Mark Jones

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