What My Clients Say...

"We would definitely use Denise on any other purchase or sale that we decide to do in the future."

Roger Ray, Sr.

"We had a great experience with Denise Mason. We found Ms. Mason while randomly attending open houses. She was very polite, hardworking, and knowledgeable about the real estate market. She was extremely patient when working with us and showing us properties. She helped us throughout the entire process and still gives good advise/recommendations on industry related things today. She is always focused on taking care of our needs and making the process as simple as possible."

Jwanza & Dana

"Great broker. Did what was best for us. She made suggestions on what would sell the house and they were perfect. I would recommend her to anyone, without hesitation."

Gary Davis

"Extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Always respectful, provided timely communications, accessible anytime, very friendly and committed to giving great customer service. The Ultimate Professional."

Ron Burton

"I could not have gotten a better realtor than Denise. She was always available to answer my questions or to calm me down when I was stressed. I would recommend her 1000 percent! Denise is the REALTOR that goes above and beyond what you would expect. She is absolutely the best."

Janet Kelly

"The process seemed to go smoothly and Denise Mason was instrumental in making this happen. Her plan to do virtual staging was both economical and impressive. She made sure the comparisons highlighted the advantages of our home."

Pat Hill

"Denise was great from the start to finished. She is very knowledgeable. She get an A+++++ from us."

Hai To

"Denise far exceeded my expectations. Her work ethic, knowledge of the area, timeliness, and professionalism was greatly appreciated. I set a very ambition time schedule that I wanted to close on the home. Denise was able to guide me through this entire process very smoothly which allowed me to close at my desired date. This was my first home purchase and I am very thankful for her services and allowing me to move into a really great home. Thank you!"

Oren Davis

"Denise Mason is an outstanding REALTOR. Before I signed on with Denise to represent me in the selling of my home she showed and explained to me how the process works. Denise told me everything she would do to get my home sold at the highest price possible. Denise was diligent about pointing out those things I could do to increase the value of my home. Denise contacted contractors on my behalf to repair or upgrade those things that I was not able to do. Denise helped to bring appeal and added value to my home by all of her suggestions. My home was not on the market very long due to Denise and her hard work. Denise did all and more that she said she would do, from listing to closing. I highly recommend anyone looking to sell, buy or if you just need a real estate professional, Denise Mason is the one to contact."

Karl Greene

"We were in a time crunch and Denise was amazing. She was able to line up a list of homes for us and made the experience effortless. Her knowledge of the area and market were invaluable to us. She took the time to listen to our needs and we found our perfect home. We would definitely go back to Denise and look to her expertise should we find ourselves wanting to relocate again."

Sarah Gordon

"Denise Mason is the person who sets the standard of Excellence!! She is so kind and such a hard worker, also very active with communication. If you are looking to build a team, make sure Denise Mason is on it!"

John Huckleberry

"I highly recommend Denise Mason. In addition to being very professional at all times, she was friendly and easy to talk with. I was confident she would be the same with potential buyers and their agents. Also, she made sensible and cost effective recommendations for increasing the chance for a quick sale. I believe her staging of the house was a key factor in our sale.

There were several items we agreed to repair from the home inspection. Denise was extremely helpful in all this work and greatly appreciated since we were out of state sellers. She was persistent, working long hours, energetic and organized.

A complete real estate professional, knowledgeable and friendly, I highly recommend Denise to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home."

Mark Jones

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